Flint Masjid Of Al Islam

Mosque and Islamic Center

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In the winter of 1985, six families came together realizing the need to have a place for Muslims to gather. The structure, which was built in 1965 eventually became an abandoned Cabana Club. The building, which is located in Flint township is a total of  3,504 square feet and is now known as the Dyewood Center. 

Dyewood Center, located on 5270 N. Dyewood Rd., is surrounded by 10 acres of land and had two tennis courts, a basketball court, playground, a fenced swimming pool with showers and changing area, and a softball/soccer field. As the years passed and the community grew, a need for a place of worship and greater space for education and social functions became imminent. Hence, in 1994, land was purchased in Swartz Creek and construction began for the new Islamic Center of Flint. 

Phase I: In 1995, a 17,000 sq. ft. facility is opened to include the mosque, old gym, and Genesee Academy K-5.
Phase II: In 1997, an additional 8,000 sq. ft. is added to Genesee Academy (GA).
Phase III: In 2000, the new gym, additional classes for GA, and the administration building bring an addition of 8,000 sq. ft.
Phase IV: In 2012, 40,000 sq. ft. is added for the GA high school, Early Learning Center and Banquet hall.  

The goal and mission of the Islamic Center of Flint was/is to serve the best interest of Islam and the Muslims of the Greater Flint area. Towards this end FIC will:

a. Promote unity and joint action amongst Muslims.
b. Promote religious, charitable, educational, cultural and other activities in the best tradition of Islam.
c. Promote congregational prayers and Islamic religious festivals at appropriate times.
d. Buy, rent or otherwise acquire a spiritual center for the furtherance of Islamic teachings.
e. Promote any other activity that may be related to the above purposes.
f. Receive and administer funds in connection with the above.

As of 2015, plans have been approved to build a new 4,000 square foot facility to replace the existing Dyewood Center. A rich history and many memories of the dedication of individuals and families – a community who has come together for the benefit of the next generations and the greater communities in which we live.