What is Megamasjid?

It is a digital operations platform for the businesses and the religions institutions to connect with the community and solve the problems related to the hunger, education, housing and health.

Our products and Services:

We provide digital tools and services including websites setup, hosting and managing services, business management software including CRM, ERP solutions, School management, Service management, eCommerce, communication tools and other custom solutions to the client’s specific needs.


  1. By 2030, make the community to become self-reliable to achieve the following yearly goals.
  2. Feed 100,000 meals to the hungry and needy locally within metro Detroit area through masajid.
    1. Provide 70 to 100 freezers and microwave ovens at these masajids.
    1. Collect food from individual families or restaurants who sign up to contribute the cause. 
    1. Store these meals at every masjid and let the needy pick up the food packets for their own use, free of charge.
  3. Make Quran tutors available 24/7 online to serve the community, whoever needs to learn reading or memorization of Quran. We will have Huffaz available online for this service.
  4. Identify and support at least super 70 students from the community and provide necessary tutoring in Math, Science, English, and Computer Science. We also prepare them for the SAT, ACT, GMAT and MCAT exams.
  5. Provide job trainings and prepare at least 100 young adults for well-paying jobs in the field of technology, engineering, healthcare, and other service industries.
  6. Incubate at least 10 new start-ups from young Muslim entrepreneurs.
  7. Help at least 10 to 20 lower-income Muslims start their own businesses.
  8. Rehabilitation Centers for our community members who are going through difficult times due to addictions, divorces, and or any other psychological difficulties.
  9. Build apartment complexes, healthcare clinics at a walkable distance to our Masajds, so that our elderly can walk to the Masajid to pray and spend time with other people in their age group.  
  10. Provide legal and financial support for the micro businesses and individual community members struggling with legal issues (including but not limited to immigration, racial, ethnic, or religious violence, divorce, workplace discrimination).